Zlatan – School Na Scam (Original Video + Mp3)

Zlatan School Na Scam mp3
School Na Scam
School Na Scam mp3

Zlatan School Na Scam mp3

Zlatan School Na Scam mp3 by  ibile is lately one of the street legendary street vibes artist in the music industry. 

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The Young star considering the high rate at which graduate are unemployed came about his latest song which he tittled School Na Scam. 

This song by Zlatan  another banger hit produced by Rexxie, an hoping the new song take over the street.

Zlatan School Na Scam mp3

The ssong tries to portray that, no body values Education in Nigeria.

He tries to compare the life of the educated and non educated in Nigeria

Whereby you finished schooling after the suffering and stress you went through, still, no work awaits you after graduating.

The Zanku Cronner Zlatan compared an unemployed graduate to a non graduate who bought Mercedes Benz due to he ignored school to face his hustle full time.

That they should stop schooling and find a means of hustling that pays.

School Na scam Scam Mp3 Intro :

Of course, this song has being tagged as a bad influence to students who after hearing this song decides to drop out of school and start a new phase of life. School na scam

Many young lads, mostly the G-Boys have reacted to this song by dancing and singing it so passionately.

School Na Scam Song :

Most of them showcase wards of cash as they dance joyously with the shout.

Maybe because hey dance to it because it goes inline with their business.

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The song School Na Scam Original  Video By Group Of Boys


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