Download Music Mp3 : Nicki Minaj Barbie Drip

Download Nicki Minaj barbie drip mp3
Nicki Minaj – Barbie Drip

Download Music Mp3 Nicki Minaj Barbie Drip

As promised Nicki Minaj finally comes out with a new track titled Barbie Drip debuted on Queen Radio, she this come along with the freestyle of Goin Bad a song by Meek Mill and Drake.

Just as she does on “Going Bad,” Nicki adopts the cadence of the cut’s originators as she laces the song with her own flavor as she raps, “Drip too hard, got his dick too hard/He gon’ fuck around and drown off this wave/Pretty little toes, stuntin’ on these hoes/Buy another bag soon as I get paid.”

Take a listen to the new flip courtesy of Nicki Minaj and sound off with your thoughts down below. Does she do the song justice or should she have left it alone?

Quotable Lyrics

I just got ten million bucks for shit that I ain’t even do yet
You spent your money but I ain’t say I was your boo yet
You got your feelings hurt, I ain’t really mean to do that
I’m just a bad bitch I’m sorry I put you through that
I’m from New York where we’ll never say “Good morning”
Rippin’ the block and he ain’t come on till the morning
I always prayed to have a building with a door mat
Now I’m so busy I gotta turn down these endorsements
Now I’m flooring everything that I wanted
Remember a time when I couldn’t even afford it
Now I’m in stores I get everything that fits me
Chanel minc slides and shades so they don’t know it’s me

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