Download Music Mp3 : Max B – Hold On Ft French Montana

Max B Hold On FT French Montana Mp3

Today, 47hypes has made available Download Max B Hold On FT French Montana Mp3. The American Pop Rock Stars came together as they Unveiled Hold On Song.

Max B Hold On FT French Montana Mp3
Max b hold on ft French Montana

Quotable Lyrics Of Max B Hold On FT French Montana Mp3

[Intro: French Montana]
Hold on to your life

[Hook: French Montana]

If you want to do it, take your time, do it right
You can do it baby
Get your money right

[Verse 1: Max B]

At two fifths [?], I had the plan made

Nigga got his food ate, patch it up with a Band-Aid

Max mayonnaise, macaroni cheese, and mustard
Your bitches look musty

Shit got me disgusted
Clusters, droop off the left wrist

I think I got a death wish
Sitting back, suicidal thoughts of doing it, hitting the switch

All of my niggas can move a brick, I can move the shit
On a slow day, no play, okay

I was speaking of my bitch Oshay
And as we roll on, hold on to your love
Mami fiendin’, she want more drugs

Shakin’ it, she going through withdrawals
Big pitfalls, about to be the shit dawg

Max B Hold On Mp3

The rapper has been incarcerated at the East Jersey State Prison since 2009 after being found guilty of nine counts including murder conspiracy and robbery.

He was sentenced to 75 years in prison. Authorities alleged that Max ordered his ex-girlfriend and his stepbrother to rob two men at a New Jersey hotel.

Download Max B Hold On Song

Max, his ex-girlfriend, and his stepbrother were all arrested and charged a week later.

Back in April, French Montana suggested that Kim Kardashian wanted to help get Max out of prison. “Me and Kim was talking about getting Max B home from jail,” he explained.

Download Max B Hold On FT French Montana Mp3

“‘Cause she’s doing the whole thing with…So, like for her to even reach out and do that I felt like that was powerful.”

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